November 9th - December 14th, 2021

A 6-Week, interactive, small-group training for those wanting to turn the dream into a reality. You will be guided through the 9 Steps that will make your move to Mexico a joyful experience.

  • One-on-One Sessions

    You have a 20 minute introduction call with Michael Nuschke so he can understand where you are in the process and what specific areas you would like help with. At the end of the 6 weeks, schedule your 2nd “9-Step BluePrint Review” call to review and fine-tune your personal Move-To-Mexico action plan.

  • Cheat Sheets and Tips

    Each important topic will include an easy reference hand out that will be available for download. Links to additional videos will be provided to deepen understanding of some key areas.

  • Your Move to Mexico RoadMap

    We’ve broken down the journey to Mexico in 9 Steps, from “Confirming Your Lakeside Motivation” to “Launching Life in Mexico”. These 9 Steps are what everyone moving to Mexico will go through – many through trial and costly error. We provide the guidance to help you do it right the first time!

  • Your Move to Mexico Private Facebook Group

    Access to the Members-Only Move to Mexico Facebook Group will provide you with an avenue for ongoing interaction with other participants and the Focus Team, as well as a place to ask questions. It will also provide a venue to live and recorded trainings. This Group will only be available to Focus program and online course attendees at different stages in the journey to moving and living at Lakeside

Is it your time to move your dream to reality and make Mexico your new home?

Take advantage of this life-changing offer now as there will only be a small number of spots available for this program.

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  • My wife and I were very pleased with the content and participation of the on-line Focus program. We have been considering the move to Ajijic for some time now and the class helped us a great deal in focusing on the things we need to accomplish in order to make a smooth transition to Mexico. I would highly recommend the program to any who might just now be considering retiring in the Lake Chapala area as it is a good, well delivered primer course and the interaction with the on-line group is extremely valuable since you get the thoughts and impressions of others.
    Bill & Toni Brown, Kalama, WA

Course Pricing and Bonuses

This initial launch of this RoapMap course will be priced at a discounted $490 USD for this  group. Enjoy 11 interactive classes, helpful planning checklists,  2 one-on-one calls, and opportunities  to get your personal questions answered. Also, join your fellow class members in discussions on a private FaceBook Group. (Take advantage of this discounted pricing - future launches of this in-depth program will be at $790+)

About the Online Course

Our format will include twice weekly online video trainings and Q&A sessions via Zoom video conferencing.  All the Zoom sessions will happen at 7PM EST and will be recorded and available for replay if you miss any of the live meetings. 

This Course will adapt to your input to help fine-tune what topics we cover and in what depth. You will be asked to participate by responding to brief surveys and by asking your questions in the live Zoom calls. One of the benefits of this small group is you will get your personal questions addressed AND you will benefit from hearing the questions and answers of your fellow participants

Who is Michael Nuschke

  • Over 35 years as a professional Retirement Planning advisor
  • Over 30 years of experience in advising expats in Mexico
  • Joined Focus On Mexico 10 years ago as an expert speaker on retirement planning in Mexico
  • Along with wife Rhonda, took over as ownership of Focus On Mexico 6 years ago
  • Has helped 100’s of people with the transition to an exciting new life in Mexico
  • Backed by Focus On Mexico’s team of experts and staff, Michael will be your guide and presenter for this Mexico RoadMap program

Some of the Topics we will cover include:

  • What is the real cost of living
  • Lifestyle options for Snow-birds, Sun-birds, and full time residents
  • What do people do who live at “Lakeside”? A dive into what to expect in your daily life
  • The social and cultural challenges and opportunities
  • Comparison of different neighborhoods and towns along Lake Chapala
  • How to handle safety issues living in the Lake Chapala area
  • Banking at Lakeside and how to access your money and pensions
  • Immigration process and financial requirements
  • Ins and outs of finding a rental or a home to buy in today’s market
  • How is the medical system different and what about health insurance options?
  • How important is learning Spanish?
  • Create a "lifestyle plan" and visualize your life at Lakeside
  • How to organize and implement your personal “Move to Mexico” plan of action - Your Move to Mexico RoadMap!
  • The Focus on Mexico online course was the first online course I have taken. There is so much to learn before moving to another country and you could spend months and months researching everything. This course was well-organized and offers critical information and resources to help you to plan before, during and after your move. Saves a lot of time and brain damage :) The information you will learn is invaluable and I highly recommend this course!
    P. Hatfield
  • Our overall impressions of the class was that it was very informative and enjoyable. It was obvious that a lot of work went into the presentations. You were very prepared each class. It was so helpful learning from someone who is already living in Lake Chapala. It was also enjoyable seeing others in the class and learning from their questions. We would say that this class is a MUST DO if they are considering moving to the area. We had several questions answered that we were wondering about for instance bringing our car, health insurance, banking options and rental prices. We want to thank you for putting this class together. We are looking very forward to meeting you and your team.
    Becky & Don Thompson

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Are you ready to make Mexico your new home? I hope to see you in the first class on November 9th, 7PM EST!


Move To Mexico RoadMap Online Program F.A.Q.

What if I can't attend every one of the live Zoom sessions?
Live Sessions are on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7PM EST. All sessions will be recorded and available for you to replay.
Where will I be able to access the recording replays?
Registered participants will have access to a webpage wtih all replays as well as access to the supporting downloads.
How long will I have access to the replays?
Access to replays will be ongoing i.e. indefinite. Our intention is to continue to add content and update the content for your continued reference.
Is this program good to take now if I am not likely to move for 2 or more years?
As mentioned, this program will be updated and all Program participants will have access to the information will be relevant when you are ready to put it in action! Also, this upcoming November 9th to December 14th Program is at a discounted price and will be set higher for future Programs - so yes, it is good to join now. Sometimes getting a clear set of directions is what it takes to make the Move To Mexico possible faster than you thought!
Why is it called a "Road Map"
We focus on helping you make a successful move to Lakeside. We've broken down the many steps and aspects of this major project into 9 Steps of a RoadMap. It is necessary to cover off all 9 steps to ensure your move yo Mexico happens with ease and without regrets. Like going on a trip, when you have a RoadMap, the journey is clear and straightforward.
I'm not familiar with using Zoom? What if I can't use it?
Zoom has become the most popular program for online meetings. It also has the ability for you to chat and ask questions during each Live Session. The set up is quite easy and should only take you a minute or two. You will receive an email in advance of each Session with the link you click on to join the meeting. If you get stuck, we will help you out via a phone call. If you want to check out the simple set up in advance, watch this video.
What if I am more interested in another location in Mexico?
This Program does cover many topics that will be relevant for where ever in Mexico you might be thinking of moving. However, we will be focusing on moving to the Lake Chapala area. I suggest to get the most value out of this Program, that you have the Lake Chapala area as one of your top two likely destinations.
I am thinking more of living in Mexico for part of the year - as a Snow-Bird (or "Sun-Bird"). Does this Program make sense for me?
Yes! At least half of the people that have gone through a Focus On Mexico program were part-timers at first. We will review particular part-time issues during the program as well as becoming a resident.