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A detailed training for those wanting to turn the dream into a reality. You will be guided through the Essential 9 Steps that will make your move to Mexico a joyful experience. Eleven detailed training videos plus resource materials for each of the 9 Steps. Created as a 6-week program but you can go through it at your own speed.

  • One-on-One Sessions

    You have a 30 minute introduction call with Michael Nuschke so he can understand where you are in the process and what specific areas you would like help with. After finishing the program (we suggest allow 4-6 weeks), schedule your 2nd “9-Step RoadMap Review” call to review and fine-tune your personal Move2Mexico RoadMap action plan.

  • Cheat Sheets and Tips

    Each important topic will include an easy reference hand out that will be available for download. Links to additional videos will be provided to deepen understanding of some key areas. All lessons consider those looking to relocate Part-Time AND Full-TIme.

  • Your Move2Mexico RoadMap

    We’ve broken down the journey to Mexico in 9 Essential Steps, from “Confirming Your Lakeside Motivation” to “Launching Your Life in Mexico”. These 9 Steps are what everyone moving to Mexico will go through – many through trial and costly error. We provide the guidance to help you do it right the first time!

  • Your Move2Mexico RoadMap Private Facebook Group

    Access to the Members-Only Move2Mexico Facebook Group will provide you with an avenue for ongoing interaction with other participants and the Focus Team, as well as a place to ask questions. It will also provide a venue to live and recorded trainings. This Group will only be available to Focus program and online program attendees at different stages in the journey to moving and living at Lakeside

Is it your time to move your dream to reality and make Mexico your new home?

Take advantage of this life-changing offer now. Our program is the "ultimate due-diligence" for those serious about a possible move to Mexico - especially the Lake Chapala area.

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  • If you've had even a slight curiosity about moving to Mexico for retirement, I would strongly encourage you to enroll in the Focus on Mexico program. Even as one who has traveled extensively in Mexico, there is no comparison to having access to live, relevant information that will help make an important life decision as comfortable and manageable as possible. I use the word "live" intentionally as the program was presented in a live, videoconference format with guest speakers who are experts in their fields, from law, to healthcare, to real estate, and many other areas.
    Joel Castro

Course Pricing and Bonuses

The Move2Mexico RoapMap course is priced $397 USD. Enjoy 11 detailed classes, helpful planning checklists,  2 one-on-one calls, and opportunities  to get your personal questions answered. Also, join your fellow class members in discussions on a private FaceBook Group. 

Bonus Included
$0 (was $197)

You will also receive full access to replays of over 20 expert presentations from the Move To Mexico Summit. These presentations will give you additional in-depth coverage of important topics on moving to Mexico.

About the Program

Your Move2Mexico Roadmap private website includes 11 video trainings and Q&A sessions.  Additional videos and downloadable references for each of the topics. Take the program at your own speed and enjoy indefinite access to the content - including ongoing UPDATES on important topics.

Who is Michael Nuschke


  • Over 35 years as a professional Retirement Planning advisor
  • Over 30 years of experience in advising expats in Mexico
  • Joined Focus On Mexico 10 years ago as an expert speaker on retirement planning in Mexico
  • Along with wife Rhonda, took over as ownership of Focus On Mexico 10 years ago
  • Has helped 100’s of people with the transition to an exciting new life in Mexico
  • Backed by Focus On Mexico’s team of experts and staff, Michael will be your guide and presenter for this Move2Mexico RoadMap program

Some of the Topics we will cover include:

  • What is the real cost of living
  • Lifestyle options for Snow-birds, Sun-birds, and full time residents
  • What do people do who live at “Lakeside”? A dive into what to expect in your daily life
  • The social and cultural challenges and opportunities
  • Comparison of different neighborhoods and towns along Lake Chapala
  • How to handle safety & crime issues living in the Lake Chapala area
  • Banking at Lakeside and how to access your money and pensions
  • Immigration process and financial requirements
  • Ins and outs of finding a rental or a home to buy in today’s market
  • How is the medical system different and what about health insurance options?
  • How important is learning Spanish?
  • Create a "lifestyle plan" and visualize your life at Lakeside
  • How to organize and implement your personal “Move to Mexico” plan of action - Your Move to Mexico RoadMap!
  • The Focus on Mexico online program was the first online program I have taken. There is so much to learn before moving to another country and you could spend months and months researching everything. This course was well-organized and offers critical information and resources to help you to plan before, during and after your move. Saves a lot of time and brain damage :) The information you will learn is invaluable and I highly recommend this course!
    P. Hatfield
  • Our overall impressions of the class was that it was very informative and enjoyable. It was obvious that a lot of work went into the presentations. You were very prepared each class. It was so helpful learning from someone who is already living in Lake Chapala. It was also enjoyable seeing others in the class and learning from their questions. We would say that this class is a MUST DO if they are considering moving to the area. We had several questions answered that we were wondering about for instance bringing our car, health insurance, banking options and rental prices. We want to thank you for putting this class together. We are looking very forward to meeting you and your team.
    Becky & Don Thompson
  • If you are thinking of moving to Mexico as either an option for your retirement (like me) or just because you like Mexico and want to live there more permanently, I wholeheartedly recommend any of the courses offered by Focus on Mexico. I just completed their online 6-week course, Move2Mexico RoadMap, and found it immensely valuable for so many reasons. Having visited Ajijic and surrounding "lakeside" towns on the north shore of Lake Chapala, I've been researching the how-to's for a few years now and thought I was pretty knowledgeable. Here's what I loved about this course: Firstly, it's a small group of classmates and is interactive, meaning you can ask questions in real time and get-up-to-the-minute answers. Things are always changing with regard to immigration requirements, etc. and the F.O.M. team does a great job of staying abreast of those so that what you get is useful and accurate. Even if you can't attend the classes live (which are held in the Zoom format), you can watch later and still ask questions via email. The answers come fast and are highly personalized. Michael (the owner and presenter) gave me a lot to think about by posing the kinds of questions designed to really suss out if you are being realistic or not. Secondly, the presentations are often enhanced by co-presenters, such as lawyers, doctors, and real estate agents who work at Lakeside, giving you actual professional advice and tips on how to navigate health, housing, and legal issues. Thirdly, even though I'd read books and looked at what's available on the internet, this course offered topics I'd never seen before, much less given any thought to. Upon completion, I felt like I really had enough information to create my own timeline and step-by-step to-do list in order to make the move seamlessly and with as few problems / mistakes as possible. I also loved the deep and abiding respect for the Mexican people and culture conveyed by the program (Michael). And the ongoing resources offered (via Facebook groups, unlimited access to the slides and presentations, lists of professionals and other resources) were very much appreciated. In addition to the hour-long presentations, there are videos and interviews germaine to each topic that really flesh out the classes. Whether you are looking to buy or rent, whether you have lots of money, or very little (like me), there is something for all of us here. Oh, and there are personal before-and-after phone calls to be sure you will get the most out of it. That was an unexpected and welcome surprise. It made the whole experience feel tailor-made just for me. Plus now I have a whole bunch of other people to connect with and talk with as we all make our plans and get moving (my fellow classmates). Moderately priced to begin with, it was worth every penny and then some.
    Susan Stewart
  • My wife and I were very pleased with the content and participation of the on-line Focus program. We have been considering the move to Ajijic for some time now and the class helped us a great deal in focusing on the things we need to accomplish in order to make a smooth transition to Mexico. I would highly recommend the program to any who might just now be considering retiring in the Lake Chapala area as it is a good, well delivered primer course and the interaction with the on-line group is extremely valuable since you get the thoughts and impressions of others.
    Bill & Toni Brown, Kalama, Wa
  • My wife and I recently participated in the Focus on Mexico on line program that covered topics related to moving to Mexico. We have to say it was an excellent program. The topics were presented in a clear and concise way that were timely and detailed. Programs such as Health Care in Mexico, Immigration, Renting or Buying a Home, and more, provided critical information that would have taken weeks, if not longer to discover on our own. The huge advantage was the ability to hear actual, on the ground, professionals such as Doctors, Lawyers and Real Estate Agents in Ajjic and Chapala describe the ins and outs of Mexico. The ability to watch the program from the comforts of home and then have the ability to re-watch the topics is a huge advantage. The cost of the program is worth every penny when you consider the time saved and information provided that will keep you from making costly mistakes later in your journey to Mexico. Kudos to Michael and all the Focus on Mexico presenters. Very well done.
    Steve and Elena G.
  • The guidance from Michael Nuschke and the Focus on Mexico team from the perspective of folks who live at Lakeside and have made the transition to Mexico provide a sense of calm and leave one with the belief that I, too, can do this! I have spent at least a couple of years doing extensive research on moving to Mexico, only to be left with what was often conflicting information from people with ulterior motives, trying to sell me something that I didn't need or that was of low quality. Michael and the team at Focus on Mexico cut through the misinformation and calmly and in a straightforward manner provide you with real-time facts that can be applied immediately and with the expertise to leave you feeling confident in planning your move to Mexico.The investment and time spent in the course was definitely worthwhile. Additionally, the resources provided for "homework", as well as supplemental videos, serve as excellent reference materials long after the course is over and as you prepare for your move to Mexico. I enthusiastically recommend the Focus on Mexico program to anyone interested in the idea of moving to Mexico. Aside from the excellent resources and reference materials, the program is very information-driven, forgoing distracting overproduction and videography and instead concentrating on delivery of pertinent, timely and accurate information from people who currently reside at Lakeside. Additionally, I believe that the cost for the course is very reasonable when one considers how costly misinformation and mistakes can be and how discouraging wrong information could be to those of us who are seriously considering a move to Mexico. After taking the Focus on Mexico course, I feel confident and ready to begin on the journey of moving to Mexico!
    Joel Castro
  • There's really only one way to increase your chances for a successful move to another country and avoid costly mistakes, and that's attending a relocation seminar complete with experts on all relevant topics. There's no one who does a better job when it comes to Mexico that I know, and that's Focus On Mexico (FOM). It's true that researching relocation content online on the internet is available, but I've always followed an old adage from Napoleon on receiving information and that is simply asking, "... is it accurate, AND is it useful?". Investing in a reliable and recommended source is essential. And committing to a set of class sessions forces the student to commit to the learning. I think FOM checks all of the boxes by providing content that is both accurate and useful. Guest speakers who are experts in their field cut to the core of the needed data for decision-making. With so much knowledge gained under our belt, we are now ready to go forward on a new journey to Mexico, for the rest of our lives. Thank you FOM. Thank you Michael & Rhonda Nuschke. Your seminar provided the steps, one by one, for us to live a new dream in Mexico.
    Michael & Carrie Hemphill
  • The Move to Mexico Roadmap was worth the spend. I wasn't sure I wanted to pay for information that my family and friends might have been able to supply me, but I am so thankful I did. The course was laid out nicely and covered all the topics I had questions about. Having guest speakers provided another layer of knowledge and knowing I can reach out to Michael and the other presenters provided comfort. My experience in reaching out to the Dr., immigration attorney, and real estate broker has been positive. They have been responsive and more than happy to help. I don't think I would receive this level of customer service and support had I not been introduced to them by the Roadmap course. In addition to the great information, I now have a network of others who are learning, moving, and experiencing the same life changes. The sessions were helpful. If the questions couldn't be answered right away, Michael was diligent in obtaining a response. The course is as good as the conversation. If you're wondering whether or not to take the leap - do it!
    Bea Franchetto
  • Roadmap to Mexico was great and I looked forward to every session. Michael is a great presenter and also gives you small details that are good to know. If I had researched it myself I wouldn't feel as relaxed about my move as I am now. The half hour after the program you get with Michael on the phone was invaluable to me. I had some questions that were hard for me to solve. He immediately put me in touch with an immigration lawyer who knew the answers right away. What more can you ask for!
    Anita Boord
  • The Focus on Mexico's Move to Mexico Roadmap Online Program exceeded my expectations. I learned so much helpful information that I feel much more confident about moving to Mexico by myself. The owner of the Program, Michael Nuschke, is an excellent presenter. He also had other professionals speak to us, such as an attorney, a doctor, and a realtor who all provided useful information. He recorded the lessons so we could play them again. He also presented videos and additional resources that we could download. It was good to be in a group where I could ask questions and hear questions from other people. I highly recommend this excellent Program.
    Derald Reisinger
  • I’m unduly impressed by every aspect of this new mode of information/ education presented by Focus on Mexico. I did enjoy taking your first online course years before, but this far surpassed my expectations. You are a superlative host. I appreciated you adding so many anecdotes and sharing your personal experiences. And of course, the “experts” were marvellous at schooling us on each of their topics. That said and I’m not finished yet, just taking a break to let it sink in. Thank you for the invaluable service you provide.
    Jim Ashley

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Move To Mexico RoadMap Online Program F.A.Q.

Where will I be able to access the recording replays?
Registered participants will have access to a webpage wtih all replays as well as access to the supporting downloads.
How long will I have access to the replays?
Access to replays will be ongoing i.e. indefinite. Our intention is to continue to add content and update the content for your continued reference.
Is this program good to take now if I am not likely to move for 2 or more years?
As mentioned, this program will be updated and all Program participants will have access to the information will be relevant when you are ready to put it in action! Sometimes getting a clear set of directions is what it takes to make the Move To Mexico possible faster than you thought!
Why is it called a "Road Map"
We focus on helping you make a successful move to Lakeside. We've broken down the many steps and aspects of this major project into 9 Steps of a RoadMap. It is necessary to cover off all 9 steps to ensure your move to Mexico happens with ease and without regrets. Like going on a trip, when you have a RoadMap, the journey is clear and straightforward.
How do I get my personal questions answered?

We will schedule an introductory phone call so you can ask questions about the program (before paying) and I can get a sense of where you are in your journey. At any point during the program, you are invited to email me questions which I endeavor to reply to within 2 days. At the end of the program, we will schedule another review call to go over your personal Move2Mexico Roadmap and get any final questions addressed.

What if I am more interested in another location in Mexico?
This Program does cover many topics that will be relevant for where ever in Mexico you might be thinking of moving. However, we will be focusing on moving to the Lake Chapala area. I suggest to get the most value out of this Program, that you have the Lake Chapala area as one of your top two likely destinations.
I am thinking more of living in Mexico for part of the year - as a Snow-Bird (or "Sun-Bird"). Does this Program make sense for me?
Yes! At least half of the people that have gone through a Focus On Mexico program were part-timers at first. We will review particular part-time issues during the program as well as becoming a resident.